SOSi Acquires European Data Analytics Software Company

Julian Setian, SOSi

Julian Setian, SOSi

Technology and services integrator SOS International LLC has announced the acquisition of an advanced analytics software company based in Denmark, NorthStar Systems.

“We’re continuing to expand our strategic position by acquiring unique and differentiating technologies where we see the potential for growth,” said Julian Setian, SOSi president and CEO.

This is the fifth acquisition SOSi has made since 2016, following New World Solutions, Defense Group, Inc., STG Group Holdings, Inc., and Vykin Corp.

SOSi’s recent acquisitions have expanded the company’s core service offerings and led to the development of market discriminating technology solutions. SOSi reports it has built a data analytics platform that uses multiple protocols to navigate, identify, index and visualize unique communication data sets built to support key mission areas.

“We’re on the leading edge of developing human language and communication technology applications in the U.S. Government market, including artificial intelligence, neural network-based machine translation, and automatic speech recognition,” Setian said.

SOSi also announced it has developed a proprietary cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that uses deep learning algorithms to quickly sift through more than 1 million data sources in real-time throughout the world. The combined platform uses a variety of indicators to identify and track data trends to improve situational awareness and enhance national security.

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