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Tim Conway, NTT DATA Services

Tim Conway, President of Public Sector, NTT DATA Services

For NTT DATA Services, significant achievements are first and foremost those the company accomplishes for its clients, according to President of Public Sector Tim Conway. The company’s consistent successes on behalf of its clients helped secure and expand its relationships with several long-term clients this year, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the FBI, U.S. Navy, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Justice Department.

NTT DATA’s growing reputation in the federal government also helped it secure new contracts with the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Department of Homeland Security.

NTT DATA also made an important acquisition with NETE, a fast-growing IT company with a portfolio of business within the Department of Health and Human Services.

“We are very excited about this acquisition as it nicely complements our commercial health care business and provides an opportunity to further develop our presence within federal health care,” Conway added.

And according to Conway, there are several aspects that set the company apart from its competitors, starting with its commitment to its customers.

“We have a core value of ‘client first,'” he said. “Through consistent delivery and solid performance, we do what it takes to ensure our clients’ mission success.”

NTT DATA also focuses on foresight, as it invests more than $3.6 billion a year in research and development to drive innovation and future technologies. The result, Conway said, is tangible innovation for its government clients.

“We firmly believe better IT means better government,” he said. “We know this means improved citizen experience and better digital government.”

And as the needs of citizens change to expecting a private sector experience from government — faster, mobile, immediate, secure and convenient — NTT DATA is increasingly helping its federal clients modernize legacy infrastructure, provide mobile access and complete digital transformation.

“And in this area, NTT DATA surpasses our competition,” Conway said. “We are not a pure play government contractor; we can draw from significant commercial experience to help our government clients.”

As technology changes rapidly, NTT DATA makes sure to view emerging technology advancement through the lens of its clients to deliver leading-edge solutions.

“It is this client perspective that helps us to focus our research and development efforts on what matters most — certainly, we are looking at things like cybersecurity, mobility, internet of things, artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics and everything ‘smart,’” Conway said. “But implementing technology should be about outcomes.”

Outcomes, for example, that help reduce client costs, save time and modernize and achieve efficiencies, Conway explained.

Specifically, NTT DATA helps clients protect, store and use data to make informed decisions. The company is investing deeply in data and prescriptive analytics, applied AI data-driven decision-making, intelligent automation, data storage and data protection.

In 2019, NTT DATA had several successes accelerating smart technology implementations, including its accelerating smart platform in Las Vegas designed to put sensors and edge computing to use.

Why Watch:

NTT DATA has two focus areas for 2020: mission success and growth.

“We intend to focus on continuing to deliver for our clients the level of excellence they have come to expect from NTT DATA,” Conway said. “For the past several years, NTT DATA has been on an upward trajectory, we expect that to continue in 2020.”

The company will continue to build on its client relationships to grow organically and preserve its reputation for delivering as promised that has been instrumental in winning new business. It also hopes to grow through additional acquisition in 2020 and add differentiating capabilities and new customer relationships to its business.

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