Greg Baroni on Better Industry Service to Government and Shifting Acquisition Models

Greg Baroni, Attain

Greg Baroni, Attain

Attain Chairman and CEO Greg Baroni predicts purchasing patterns to change in the new decade as government contracting soars to nearly $600 billion.

Baroni spoke recently with “Government Matters” about how the industry can provide better service to government. Among the industry trends Baroni sees now is the start of a shift in acquisition models.

“I think you’re going to see a real move this decade away from the traditional statement of work definition to more of an outcome- or results-driven purchasing pattern,” he said.

Attain, founded in 2009, was built with the future in mind, Baroni said, and an intention to be around 100 years from now. It has evolved from a small business to a mid-tier contractor.

Baroni also spoke about best-in-class vehicles and the clarity and transparency around the process and whether there is a level playing field for mid-tier companies.

“Right now, the concern I have in the use of these vehicles is whether they are in effect a level playing field for the mid-tier,” he said. “I say that because you have the set aside categories, you have the large businesses and then you have this gulf, this kind of no man’s land or what I call sometimes the valley of death. The best-in-class vehicles need to make sure they are treating each of those types of firms equally.”

Baroni also discussed how the industry can better serve government. In some cases, it can mean choosing to step away from protests as well as bids focused more on price than value, he said.

Watch the full interview here.

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