Dun & Bradstreet Buys Orb Intelligence

Michael Bird, Dun & Bradsteeet

Dun & Bradstreet has acquired firmographic data provider Orb Intelligence in a move that seeks to bolster the former company’s portfolio of digital solutions and expertise.

The deal furthers the commitment Dun & Bradstreet made to provide its clients with the best-in-industry data, analytical applications and technology so they can execute campaigns to improve customer interactions and revenue returns, said Michael Bird, president of sales and marketing solutions at Dun & Bradstreet.

“Clients can rely on Dun & Bradstreet as the one-stop-shop for all of their data-driven, decision-making and customer engagement needs,” he added.

Orb Intelligence offers a global database of information and attributes on 57 million companies. The company provides the data backbone to many prominent B2B sales, marketing and analytics organizations focused on digital marketing or sales initiatives.

Getting acquired by Dun & Bradstreet “is a wonderful culmination to the journey Orb Intelligence began in 2013,” said Maria Grineva, CEO and co-founder of Orb Intelligence.

“We are excited to join Dun & Bradstreet and look forward to working alongside their talented team to deliver a differentiated set of solutions to help businesses improve their competitiveness and growth,” she added.

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