2019 Top 10 Small and Emerging CEOs to Watch

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Sonu Singh, Founder and CEO, 1901 Group

Sonu Singh, 1901 Group

Sonu Singh, 1901 Group

With an emphasis on enterprise managed services, cybersecurity and cloud computing, 1901 Group came on strong in 2019.

A leading provider of innovative IT services and solutions in the public and private sector market, the firm achieved three major milestones over the course of the past year. 1901 Group hit its 10-year corporate anniversary in 2019. The company also broke ground on its new 45,000-square-foot operations facility.

Also in 2019, the firm passed the 300-employee threshold. All of these milestone moments “highlight how our commitment to our customers, our people, and our community is working,” Sonu Singh said.

The company delivers cloud, cybersecurity and enterprise-scale managed services to transition customers from traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. It supports hybrid cloud solutions that improve performance and reduce costs.

In a crowded marketplace, the company continues to stand out with its strong emphasis on the potential for automation to radically transform the IT space.

“We continue to invest in technology and process automation to improve performance and security within our Enterprise IT Operations Center,” Singh said. “We feel that the next frontier in IT service delivery will be driven by cloud-based automated platforms.”

This emphasis on automation has been a hallmark of the 1901 Group’s approach to federal technology problems.

“Our team has been using various forms of technology and process automation throughout our 10-years of operations and is now using artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to help our customers improve IT operations, applications development and cybersecurity posture,” Singh said.

Why Watch

As Singh looks to 2020, he is keeping an eye on the emerging IT workforce. With technology talent ever in short supply, he plans to put special emphasis on building and growing his team.

“To continue to deliver quality IT services for our enterprise customers, we must continue to build engineering talent,” he said. “The IT market as a whole is facing a talent deficit, so we will continue to focus on expanding our tech-talent pipeline.”

To that end, Singh will be looking to invest in its people throughout the coming year.

“2020 will include more education and training programs, more community outreach with partnering organizations, and more career development and advancement incentives for our staff at every level in our company,” he said.

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