2019 Top 10 Small and Emerging CEOs to Watch

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Top 10 CEOs to Watch - 2019 List from WashingtonExecIn a highly competitive marketplace, contractors thrive when they bring to the table some unique combination of business savvy, technological expertise and an innovative management style. It takes a combination of all three to drive IT transformation in the federal space. The most successful companies who serve federal defense and civilian agencies are those where a strong leader motivates and energizes a highly skilled and diverse team of professionals.

It takes a firm hand on the tiller to steer the turbulent waters of federal contracting, to forge an energetic and forward-looking blend of people, processes and technology. The executives who made this year’s Top 10 Small and Emerging CEOs list each display, in his or own way, a unique ability to build a team, to chart a long-range course, and to move proactively in a rapidly shifting technology landscape.

In striking that balance between today’s resources and tomorrow’s needs, these emerging leaders demonstrate an ability not just to grow their own firms, but also to meet and often exceed the mission needs of their diverse federal customers.

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