Top 10 HR Execs to Watch in 2019

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Jeffrey Brody

Jeffrey Brody

Chief Human Resources Officer, ManTech International Corp.

Jeffrey Brody joined ManTech in June 2017 and is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of the company’s human resources strategies supporting annual business objectives and its long-range strategic plan.

“Everything we do in HR is designed to provide a work experience that makes our company the employer of choice, industry-leading in all we do, and sustaining ManTech as a great place to work,” Brody said.

In the last year alone, ManTech has reached a number of related notable milestones.

For example, the company has vigorous initiatives that bring on board veterans — and today, half of its employees are veterans. The company also has a new Women’s Leadership forum featuring ManTech women leaders on the important difference women make in the industry.

ManTech also has tuition-paid degree programs with its education partner Purdue University Global that allows employees to build expertise in exciting fields like cloud computing, where they earn expertise in AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms. The company provides some 30,000 free Skillsoft courses — open to all employees — in technology, leadership and business management.

Additionally, ManTech has a STEM high school intern program with the Academies of Loudoun, which trains young people in cyber and helps build the leaders of tomorrow.

“These milestones point to continued success,” Brody added.

In late 2018, hailed ManTech as the best company for veterans for the third consecutive year, and in 2019, Washingtonian magazine added ManTech to its “Best Places to Work” list.

And one key differentiator from ManTech’s competitors, according to Brody, is its intense focus on the customer mission.

“Everything we do every day results in an awesome outcome for the customer,” he said. “What drives that focus: great people.”

ManTech aims to attract special individuals who share its attitude of total commitment to the mission, and mentors them to grow as vital contributors to — as Brody put it — “the best team on the planet.”

And as an HR leader, Brody believes empathy and understanding are key traits.

“I follow the principle of SITS — ‘sit in the shoes’ of others — to maintain a strong focus on our people and to develop innovative programs that enhance their work experience, build exciting careers — and contribute to the success of every customer mission,” he said.

Why Watch:

In the next 12 months, Brody is focused on keeping ManTech industry-leading in all it does by recruiting, developing and retaining great talent, and building on its position as an employer of choice.

“In addition, we will push hard for improvements to legislation such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act that can enhance the work experience not only at ManTech but for our industry partners and beyond,” Brody added.

He also looks forward to collaborating with his peers on the WashingtonExec HR Council to build HR competency and exchange in mutually satisfying thought leadership.

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