Raytheon Develops New Virtual Software Factory

Todd Probert, Raytheon IIS 

As part of its efforts to help military and government agencies keep up with ever-evolving threats, Raytheon has developed a virtual software factory that mixes physical coding spaces, cloud-based tools and software experts to quicker deliver new technologies to the military.

“In a world where threats evolve fast, software must evolve faster,” said Todd Probert, vice president for Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. “The average consumer can expect to get new apps every day; why can’t soldiers expect the same?”

With military leaders wanting industry to change how software is developed, Raytheon’s virtual software factory gives engineers automated tools, services and standards, which speeds up the adoption of modern software development methods. 

The new tools incorporate “pipeline-in-a-box,” which the company describes as a cloud-based toolset that automates steps in the software delivery process and can be used at any of the company’s facilities. 

To maximize collaboration, Raytheon is building training rooms, called dojos, in its facilities, and also developing advanced coding hubs, called foundries. 

“Our customers expect us to deliver capabilities faster than ever before,” said John DeSimone, Raytheon IIS vice president for cybersecurity and special missions. “Our virtual software factory is what’s allowing us to do that.”

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