Top 10 Civilian Executives to Watch: Rocky Thurston, Perspecta

Rocky Thurston

Since Perspecta’s launch in June 2018, the company has worked to become a leading systems integrator with deep mission knowledge and premier IT capabilities, and brings that same expertise to its civilian, state and local customers daily.

The group’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Rocky Thurston is most proud to have joined this team of “brilliant people who work tirelessly to help customers like the U.S. Postal Service, Department of Homeland Security and the county of San Diego work faster, smarter and more efficiently,” he said.

Thurston also noted Perspecta exceeded all financial targets for its first fiscal year, which closed March 31.

“To me, this is the most significant business-related achievement a company can reach, and a true indication of our growth and potential,” he said.

And it’s Perspecta’s real, practical and delivered innovation that stands out.

“As a fresh brand in the market, we offer bold thinking with proven discipline through a combination of advances in emerging technologies coming out of our applied research arm, Perspecta Labs, combined with model-based systems engineering rigor,” he said. “And we do it all.”

Currently, Perspecta is tackling several of the nation’s most complicated and important challenges delivering insight and experience gained from serving all aspects of its federal, state and local governments. It’s also advancing federal missions with emerging technologies such as cyber and cloud.

Perspecta helps its customers understand the benefits and tradeoffs of maintaining their current environment versus transitioning to a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, and helping to define, develop and deploy a clear cloud strategy regardless of how complex or unique the environment. All while managing the resiliency, security and latency of critical mission systems.

“To do this, we maintain a strict cyber discipline and offer leading-edge capabilities to prevent, protect and defend against cyber threats,” Thurston said. “Moreover, we continue to evolve the next generation of the agile DevSecOps landscape to produce some of the most sophisticated systems in the world.”

Additionally, Perspecta is working with data analytics and AI to go beyond traditional data mining so its customers can make assured, data-driven and insightful decisions.

Why Watch:

Thurston’s top priorities are to bring every capability Perspecta offers to the nation, state and local communities — while setting a new standard for quality customer service. He also wants to create a work environment that continues to produce great talent and draws in new people who want to be part of an exceptional team, solving seemingly unsolvable problems.

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