MAXIMUS Wins 3-Year Deal to Help Homeless Minnesotans with Disabilities

Laura Rosenak, MAXIMUS

MAXIMUS will help homeless Minnesotans with long-term disabilities apply for Social Security disability benefits through a 3-year contract with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The company, along with other vendors, will focus on the Twin Cities metro area as part of the greater Minnesota Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance Outreach, Access and Recovery, or SOAR, Advocacy Project.

Under the deal, MAXIMUS will provide outreach, access and recovery services to those facing dual challenges of homelessness and disability in order to quicker provide them with life-saving benefits.

“Helping Minnesotans with disabilities access benefits that can get them off the streets – or prevent them from becoming homeless in the first place – makes a huge difference in the quality of their lives,” said Laura Rosenak, the company’s senior vice president. “MAXIMUS is honored to be able to apply our expertise to such a meaningful effort on behalf of the state.”

Additionally, the Human Services Department and MAXIMUS will work with SOAR to get more of Minnesota’s agencies contracted with SOAR-certified staff, improve access to Social Security benefits for those at risk of homelessness, and strengthen SOAR’s collaborative presence in homelessness response.

For this project, the MAXIMUS will operate out of its St. Paul office in Minnesota.

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