Top 10 Operating Execs to Watch: Scott Willis, HighPoint Global

Scott Willis, HighPoint Global

Scott Willis, HighPoint Global

Scott Willis joined HighPoint Global in 2013. A privately held company with 350 employees, HighPoint focuses on helping government agencies improve “the citizen experience.” Willis’ more than 30 years in the telecom industry includes experience as a senior manager at Sprint, where he increased customer issue resolution from 85 percent to more than 90 percent and supported more than 17,000 government contracts per month.

Why Watch:

Willis joined HighPoint during the four months when the company grew from just eight to 350 employees.

“During that time, we quickly and efficiently worked to set up the organization to meet this scale and future growth and deliver for our clients,” Willis said. “Over the last five years, we have grown and adapted to agency priorities initiated under the Obama administration and amended under the current Trump administration.”

Following its acquisition of Primescape Solutions in late 2017, HighPoint has continued on a trajectory of improving its service offerings and has seen its customer base and contract vehicles expand accordingly.

“The acquisition was recognized by the ACG National Capital 2018 Corporate Growth Awards as the Deal of the Year Under $50 Million,” Willis said. “It has certainly been an exciting year for us at HighPoint.”

Willis’ role has recently expanded to include business development responsibilities in addition to operations, and he says he’s “laser-focused” this year on growing the business and top-line revenue with new and existing customers.

“We want to continue our high performance with current customers while expanding our reach in agencies including CMS and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and new opportunities with the VA and DHS,” he said. “We are dedicated to government priorities around the President’s Management Agenda with citizen services and customer experience as well as IT modernization.”

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