Altamira Provides Funding to Advance 2 Machine Learning Solutions after Innovation Grand Challenge

Rod Fontecilla

Two cutting-edge machine learning solutions, including one that can auto-correct images taken in low light, have won top prizes at Altamira Technologies’ Innovation Grand Challenge.

In the companywide competition, finalists pitched their ideas in a “shark tank” led by Altamira executives for the chance to win funding to advance their projects.

“For the second year, Altamira innovators brought ideas with tremendous market potential to our annual Innovation Challenge,” said Rod Fontecilla, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Altamira. “Ultimately, the selection committee chose two impressive teams with complementary solutions that will advance our offerings related to imagery analysis and machine learning.”

The two winning teams, Vampire Bats and Infrared Deep Learning with PI, will both receive funding to bring their ideas to market.

Vampire Bats demonstrated a machine-learning technique that processes low light images and corrects the intensity and color so the resulting image appears to have been taken in standard lighting conditions.

Infrared Deep Learning with PI aims to develop a lightweight infrared object detection and recognition platform capable of collecting and tracking data in real time.

Other competitors in the contest included projects in machine learning, natural language processing, cybersecurity, risk management, meteorological prediction and software engineering.

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