1901 Group Partners with Radford University to Help IT Students Prep for Jobs of the Future

Sonu Singh, 1901 Group

1901 Group is joining forces with Radford University’s Artis College of Science and Technology and its Applied Research Center to help students in the IT field explore emerging technologies.

The partnership will bring together students with industry partners to explore emerging enterprise technologies. The consortium provides real-world learning experiences and encourages students to interact with industry professionals, thereby gaining the skills to communicate solutions effectively.

“Attracting, developing, and retaining premium talent is crucial for our industry and we are excited to join Radford University to support this mission,” said 1901 Group CEO Sonu Singh. “Our long-standing relationship with Radford University provides students with a meaningful work experience and educational opportunities through mock interviews, internships, real-world projects, and permanent positions. Hands-on industry experience with cloud technologies increases job opportunities as it reduces the time, expense, and risk of hiring new graduates.”

1901 Group has worked for the past year as a founding sponsor with Radford University to support the future generation of tech students. The company now works with the university to add ServiceNow development skill-based projects to the undergraduate curriculum.

“1901 Group is an outstanding partner,” said Dr. Jeff Pittges, the director of Radford’s ARC. “They are giving our students valuable experiences they cannot obtain in the classroom.”

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