Top 10 Health Care Leaders to Watch: Steve Sousa, VP, Consulting Services, CGI Federal

Steve Sousa, CGI Federal

Steve Sousa has over 20 years’ experience in both the public and private health care sectors. He originally completed the core requirements for medical school to become a physician. However, while writing a health care column for a small New England publication, Sousa first saw the rise of the internet and became driven by the positive impacts that technology and information could have on people’s health care experiences. “We live in a time where the convergence of both health care and technology allows for the ability to provide unparalleled solutions, and these solutions can further drive the mission of federal agencies while maximizing citizen access to services and care,” he says.

Bringing this focus to CGI Federal, Sousa oversees all of the company’s Health and Human Services Department and Social Security Administration contracts. One focus of these accounts is cybersecurity, implementing a multileveled strategy with concentric rings of protection. CGI Federal is driving high levels of security and transparency throughout long and complex transaction chains to help eliminate health care fraud.

Why Watch:

CGI Federal has applied a proven approach to mitigate cost and risk that includes the use of risk- and cost-driven architecture, which has been recognized as a successful methodology by the Software Engineering Institute and the Open Group. The company has also increased delivery velocity through automated testing and DevOps CI/CD. “This enables the rapid deployment of additional functionality, quickly verifies requirements and enables functionality to reach the users in an expedited fashion,” Sousa says.

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