CNSI Receives FedHealthIT Innovation Award For New Encounter Data Processing System

Vijay Mishra, CNSI

CNSI has gone live with its new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Encounter Data Processing System, after receiving a 2018 FedHealthIT Innovation Award for the product.

The CMS EDPS NextGen system was chosen by FedHealth IT for its innovative use of scalable cloud-based technology that increases timeliness, capacity and accuracy, the company said. The system went live on June 10. CNSI’s sytem will be recognized at the fourth annual 2018 FedHealthIT Innovation awards on June 12, 2018 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

CNSI has a long history with the CMS EDPS project, working as a subcontractor for five years before becoming the prime contractor for the system, according to Vijay Mishra, CSNI senior vice president for federal programs. CSNI was awarded a four-year, $35 million contract for the project in October 2017.

“Now, as the prime, we bring our next generation health IT solutions along with our exceptional client services,” Mishra said. “We are thrilled to have our program recognized by FedHealthIT for its ability to reduce administrative costs, eliminate the burden of data reconciliation, and enable near real-time processing of Medicare Advantage part C encounter data.”

The EDPS NextGen system must process millions of records weekly, logging encounter data that includes clinical and diagnostic information generated by health care providers during visits by Medicare Advantace Part C beneficiaries. The CNSI-engineered system leverages scalable cloud infrastructure to process and adjudicate the Medicare Advantage encounter data records in near real-time, eliminating 25 system cycle hours per week compared to the legacy EDPS, CNSI said.

CMS EDPS processed more than 800 million encounters in 2017, and the new NextGen version should enable near real-time processing of more than 1.5 billion encounters yearly, according to Gift Tee, Director of the Division of Encounter Data and Risk Adjustment Operations for CMS.

“We are focused on leveraging technology to better achieve CMS’ objectives and goals for the Medicare Advantage program,” Tee said. “Working with CNSI, we were able to do just that by implementing a system that is built for future capacity, efficient, and cost effective.”

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