Applied Insight Launches Technology Advisory Council

Alan Wade

Alan Wade

Applied Insight has formed a Technology Advisory Council to support the development of strategies that will help U.S. government customers operating at the nexus of people, technology and intelligence.

Two members of the intelligence community — Alan Wade, an investor and former chief information officer, and Greg Wessel, a senior technical expert in cyber, networking and analytics — have joined AI’s new council as founding members.

“We are seeing a continued, increasing demand from customers for better, smarter ways of handling challenges like data growth, security and mobility, especially in areas of intelligence,” said Greg Walker, president at Applied Insight. “Our team has an enormous opportunity to help our customers exploit the right solutions more efficiently, with technology as an enabler for better collaboration and decision making, which is critical for those working in intelligence, defense and national security. We are honored to have Alan and Greg, both highly respected members of the intelligence technology community, join us in supporting this pursuit.”

AI supports customers across the U.S. defense, intelligence and federal civilian communities. Its approach is founded on the principle of accountable innovation, ensuring the technologies applied to customer needs focus on people first, reflecting their specific contexts and mission goals.

“In an evolving technology landscape, we understand how balancing innovation with security, governance and contracting compliance is a potentially daunting challenge for our customers,” said Gavin Long, managing partner of the Acacia Group, AI’s lead investor. “The aim of the AI Technology Advisory Council is to intersect the goals of the mission with customized innovative solutions in a responsible, discerning and focused manner that is unique in the marketplace.”

The AI Technology Advisory Council will provide strategic counsel in areas including advanced analytics, cybersecurity, software development and systems architecture to support the evolution, development and adaptation of the company’s solutions and approaches to meet customer challenges from both a mission and enterprise perspective.

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  1. While we welcome AI innovation and the deep scope of change it represents for human business and society, founding anAI Technology Advisory Council is a supremely laudable action. It is very necessary to balance innovation with security, with the attitude of people first. If AI solutions are accountable, reflecting on people’s contexts and mission goals, then AI becomes a viable addition to the business world and society.