MacB Wins $37M Task Order to Support U.S. Central Command Logistics

Fred Norman, MacB

The Defense Department has awarded a $37 million task order to MacAulay-Brown Inc. for next-generation logistics support and analysis for U.S. Central Command.

The 5-year task order will support the U.S. Central Command Directorate of Logistics and Engineering, tasked with planning, synchronizing, monitoring and controlling logistics efforts in support of USCENTCOM missions. MacB will plan and develop a logistics analysis framework and database to support the next generation of logistics requirements within CENTCOM’s area of responsibility, the company said.

“This task order is a new requirement, and we are pleased to provide [CENTCOM] with technical experts to conduct in-depth analysis and assessments, similar to MacB’s work with other Combatant Commands,” MacB Senior Vice President Fred Norman said in a statement. “These results will help drive improvements in the theater’s logistics interoperability of joint and coalition operations within the entire CENTCOM area of responsibility.”

MacB analysts will evaluate core logistics functions in the air, land, sea, space and cyber domains, seeking to improve intra-theater distribution, resiliency, sustainment, preposition war material, anti-access/area- denial, and logistics interoperability, the company said.

The task order was awarded through the DOD Information Analysis Center’s Defense Systems Technical Area Task Multi-Award Contract.

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