MacB Continues Partnership on Intel Collection, Analysis for AFSOC

Fred Norman, MacB

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. will continue its partnership with Zel Technologies, LLC to provide the Air Force Special Operations Command with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance processing, exploitation and dissemination services.

MacB has since 2012 supported the planning and integration of new and existing intelligence collection and evaluation capabilities for AFSOC’s Distributed Ground Station and other intelligence units.

Technical experts in MacB’s Mission Systems Group are assisting ZelTech in providing first-level analysis, design, engineering, and integration of simulations and modeling needed to evaluate potential threats, defense system interface architectures, technologies and other requirements.

These responsibilities make up an overall intelligence effort in exploiting intelligence information collected mainly by airborne ISR platforms, specifically Unmanned Aerial Systems/Remotely Piloted Aircraft. Other AFSOC collection efforts include manned platforms, surface/ground, and satellite operations.

“We’ve supported AFSOC since 1996, and this recompete win demonstrates our continued strong partnership with ZelTech and AFSOC,” said Fred Norman, MacB’s senior vice president and general manager of MSG. “Our technical and engineering expertise to analyze intelligence collection efforts and deliver actionable intelligence in support of Special Operations Forces engaged in combat operations continues to expand.”

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