Gary Shiffman Discusses Immigration Algorithm

Gary Shiffman, founder and CEO of Giant Oak

In a recent discussion on “All Things Considered,” NPR explored the possibility of a computer algorithm designating whether someone is fit to enter the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials want to incorporate techniques from the big data industry to screen visa applications. Doing so would include scouring all publicly available data such as social media. An ideal system would “admit people who contribute to national interests and keep out people who are likely to commit a crime or an act of terrorism,” according to President Donald Trump.

While creating a product that will determine someone’s admittance status is controversial, plenty of companies are interested in developing software that can help human analysts. This software would be an automated tool aiding human analysts sifting through the abundant data on an individual. The human would then make the final decision.

Giant Oak, in Arlington, Virginia, is one of the companies interested in this opportunity. Founder and CEO Gary Shiffman said that technology gets better every day,

“We should be using the technology to help humans make better decisions,” he added.

To listen to full segment, click here.


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