RGi Earns Recognition for Geospatial Technology Efforts

Steve Gillotte, founder and CEO, RGi

Reinventing Geospatial Inc. was recently featured in an American Geographical Society article, earning recognition for its efforts to improve the mobility and delivery of geospatial and web-based technologies.

RGi founder and CEO Steve Gillotte told AGS that RGi is dedicated to aligning geospatial and web-based technologies to improve our understanding of geography, and to providing services the U.S. Army, which often operates in austere environments and needs information and mobility much more than most.

“The world of geography is fortunate to have RGi pushing the boundaries of geospatial awareness, technology and knowledge,” AGS wrote.

RGi supports the Army and other customers with both physical mobility and cyber mobility, removing the constraints and limitations of where geospatial data and information is located. In addition to its work in geospatial mobility, RGi also invests in the world of predictive activity-based planning, exploring how machine learning and natural language processing algorithms can analyze open source intelligence and strategic/tactical operational data to predict the likelihood that an event will take place.


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