Altamira Lumify Now Available on Microsoft Marketplace

Jonathan Moneymaker, Altamira

Jonathan Moneymaker, Altamira Technologies Corp.

Altamira Technologies’ big data fusion, analysis and visualization tool, Lumify, is now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Lumify supports the development of actionable intelligence from data, through a suite of visual and analytic tools, including graph visualizations, full-text faceted search, dynamic histograms, interactive geospatial views, collaborative workspaces, according to Altamira.

Microsoft’s Azure is a trusted government cloud, and it brings a collection of compliance certifications and attestations, including a FedRAMP High authorization covering 18 services, to support mission critical workloads. Azure offers enhanced security, privacy and compliance to help Lumify customers met all their security requirements as they explore diverse relationships to develop actionable intelligence.

“Microsoft Azure’s dedication to providing security and privacy at the highest levels for our customers ensures a secure, controlled environment for Lumify users performing mission-critical data analysis,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Altamira. “With Azure’s comprehensive compliance coverage, Lumify users can focus on solving challenging national security problems while their work is protected by the most trusted government cloud provider.”

Microsoft Azure services also allow users to quickly enhance Lumify with a wide variety of tools, including Cognitive APIs, bots, machine learning, and blockchain as a service, and the Cortana Intelligence suite. Designed to integrate with other analytic tools, Lumify can easily be customized with Microsoft Azure’s tools to accelerate deep learning and real-time data analytics.

Altamira recently made Lumify available on Amazon Web Services as well.


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