Intel’s Melvin Greer Named Chairman of the WashingtonExec Big Data Council

Melvin Greer, Director Data Science and Analytics at Intel Corporation

Melvin Greer, director, data science and analytics at Intel Corp.

In its sixth year of discussions, the WashingtonExec Big Data Council is excited to welcome new leadership: Melvin Greer, who’s been named chair of the 30-member group.

Greer is chief data scientist of the public sector Americas at Intel Corp. and has worked with WashingtonExec for several years. Projects have included the successful pilot program of the WashingtonExec IoT Council Lunch n’ Learn, which highlights use cases on topics such as public safety, cyber intelligence and human capital management.

Greer is also an active volunteer for the Annual K-12 STEM Symposium, held yearly at the Nysmith School whose mission is to encourage children in the national capital region to pursue careers in math and science.

Discussion topics for the Big Data Council will include;

  • the role of big data and artificial intelligence in government transformation
  • how open data in government accelerates innovation
  • critical partnerships that need to be created for government to realize the promise of big data insight

The Big Data Council meets with federal executives in intimate, nonattribution discussions to exchange best practices, identify mission challenges and discuss what is needed from the private sector. Members are C-level executives of emerging and large organizations in the intelligence, defense, health care and public safety sectors.

“The latest advances in data science are driven by the convergence of three things,” Greer said in a recent interview with WashingtonExec. “First, data is the fuel that drives innovation in federal government and in commercial organizations. Big data is a critical thing. Second, we have better, more affordable computation processing capabilities. Finally, we now have better algorithms. The combination of big data, increased computational power using advanced algorithms is generating innovations that are transforming government and commercial organizations.”

A member of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank, Bretton Woods Committee, Greer received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from American University. He is also a graduate of the Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School Executive Leadership Program.

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