Margaret Mitchell-Jones Named Chair of WashingtonExec’s Execs on the Move Committee

Margaret Mitchell-Jones, Progressiventures

Margaret Mitchell-Jones, Progressiventures

WashingtonExec is excited to announce Margaret Mitchell-Jones, principal consultant, Progressiventures, as the new chair for the Execs on the Move Committee.

The WashingtonExec Execs on the Move Committee was created for executives in various states of transition – ranging from re-entering the govcon industry, engaging in start-up work, consulting or serving as board of advisers/directors. The committee encourages members to share experiences and gain insights on the current market and employment opportunities.

“WashingtonExec’s Execs on the Move is a great venue to keep current on job opportunities, hear from great speakers, or just share past experiences with other local executives,” Mitchell-Jones said. “I always learn something new, and this week’s LinkedIn presentation was no different.  Local area career coach Shelby Olsen shared some great tips on the value of networking and suggestions for online branding.”

As chair, Mitchell-Jones will work with the WashingtonExec team to bring relevant and informative keynote speakers to present to the committee. She will provide support and guidance as participants transition into landing successful employment in the govcon space.

The committee has more than 80 members and meets six times a year in Tysons Corner. Joining the committee is invite-only from an existing member of the group or from a member of WashingtonExec.

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