WashingtonExec Strategic Human Capital Council Hosts Author Jamie Notter of “When Millennials Take Over”

Keynote Speaker Jamie Notter and Strategic Human Capital Council Chairman Steven Woolwine, AECOM

Keynote Speaker Jamie Notter (left) and Strategic Human Capital Council Chairman Steven Woolwine, AECOM (right)

The workforce is changing, and with that comes a change in the business climate. This year the oldest of the Millennials will turn 34 years old, and as their presence grows in industry, it is important to understand and see the potential these young professionals have in improving business.

On April 29th, WashingtonExec’s Strategic Human Capital and Critical Development Council was visited by Jamie Notter, co-author of When Millennials Take Over, for a roundtable discussion at Attain, LLC in Tysons Corner, Virginia, to discuss his recent book and the power of the millennial alignment.

Notter is the founding partner of WorkXO, LLC, a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations prepare for the future workforce by rebuilding and re-humanizing its culture.

When Millennials Take Over uses research on Millennials and innovative case studies to provide thoughtful and actionable advice to strengthen a company when incorporating the millennial workforce. His book led the discussion on performance and employment management.

Notter identifies four key capacities that drive future business for successful: digital, clear, fluid, and fast. These capacities, according to Notter, can bring tremendous corporate and leadership opportunities when aligning with the Millennial force.

Understanding the Millennial mindset is critical for senior leadership and management positions.

Millennials grew up in a different culture than the rest of the workforce – they are used to constant change in a fast-paced, digital-friendly society. “Millennials do not respect hierarchy,” Notter says, “ and Millennials expect to have influence and access to hierarchy.”

In addition, Notter says we must learn to be comfortable with the separations and culture gaps that surround us as the “kids these days” in the workplace are here to stay.

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