WashingtonExec Strategic Human Capital Council Hosts Roundtable with Stan Soloway of Celero Strategies and Brad King of Robbins Gioia

Stan Soloway, CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

Stan Soloway, CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

Stan Soloway, CEO of Celero Strategies and former President of the Professional Services Council (PSC), recently spoke with the WashingtonExec Strategic Human Capital Council along with Brad King, CEO of Robbins Gioia. Soloway and King gave an overview of the govcon market and how it has changed, will continue to evolve, and the importance of service providers adapting to those changes.

Soloway and King placed emphasis on the two public sectors that are growing overall- civilian and technology. King explained that while the government has never been a great source of technology, they has been and will continue to be a consumer of it. Additionally, while many in the defense sector have stated that defense funding is decreasing, both Soloway and King believe that the sector has merely flatlined.

Lastly, Soloway shared a few statistics with the group, including that the largest veteran workforce is reentering the workforce since World War II and what that means for not only companies in the federal sector, but also for companies in Silicon Valley. Trends like this mean that the federal government should encourage more partnership and collaboration between the traditional federal contracting industry and commercial healthcare industry for U.S. veterans programs.

Each participating WashingtonExec Strategic Human Capital Council VP of Human Capital or equivalent member nominates one critical talent individual within their organization to help develop the next generation of HR leadership through business acumen, professional development and networking programs. The Council is headed by Steve Woolwine of AECOM.


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