Vencore, GMU School of Business to Collaborate to Develop Cyber Risk Assessment Methodology, Tool

Mac Curtis, Vencore

Mac Curtis, Vencore

Vencore Inc. announced June 1 that the company will collaborate with the George Mason University School of Business to develop a pragmatic and deployable cyber risk assessment methodology and tool. The goal is to assist federal agencies in analyzing the value of information that is susceptible to cyber intrusions and determining investments targeted at thwarting cyberattacks.

“This project will provide insight into the questions that occur after every cyberattack about the enormous financial and other impacts,” Vencore President and CEO Mac Curtis said. “It is currently difficult to measure the amount of damage that cyber terrorism causes. This unprecedented work will help us and our clients accurately assess potential losses, so that the attack prevention and protection investments are more obvious and justifiable.”

“The topic of valuation is important in multiple fields of business and our research team from the Information Systems and Operations Management Department is uniquely positioned to bring expertise in the valuation of data as an asset to this program,” George Mason’s School of Business Dean Sarah Nutter said.

Together, Vencore and George Mason will work through several phases, including the design of a high-level data valuation architecture that is applicable to many federal agencies and the development of models that use this architecture to calculate potential monetary damages. Vencore will develop the solution’s interface, while George Mason will research current processes and develop the inputs/outputs, projected models, algorithms, references and standards. Work will be completed by the beginning of August.

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