$66M Agile Software Development Contract Awarded to Dev Technology

Susie Sylvester, Dev Technology’s CEO

Susie Sylvester, CEO, Dev Technology

Information technology services and solutions provider Dev Technology was awarded a $66 million contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to provide agile development and support under its EAGLE II contract.

Ryan Madden, Dev Technology Vice President, Application Services stated, “We look forward to applying our agile development approach to these mission critical systems. We’ve been able to streamline development efforts on other projects using agile to bring value to the government faster, and we will apply these principles to the Enforcement Systems portfolio to benefit ICE and their important user community.”

Under this contract Dev Technology will provide agile software development to deliver functionality for systems which support ICE’s mission of investigation, arrest, detention and removal of aliens who violate the nation’s federal laws related to border control, customs, trade and immigration. To deliver support on this contract Dev Technology will partner with Coveros, Excalibur Solutions, IntegrityOne Partners, Sapient Government Services, and Sevatec to provide this support.

Susie Sylvester, CEO at Dev Technology stated, “We are honored and excited about this partnership with ICE, and for this opportunity to expand our value to the Enforcement Systems stakeholders. Dev Technology has been supporting specific components of the Enforcement Systems for over 10 years and we look forward to this opportunity to provide an enhanced level of support with high performing, unified agile teams to achieve ICE’s vision.”

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