SAVE THE DATE: 2016 Hot Ticket Awards

Bobbie Kilberg, NVTC

Bobbie Kilberg, NVTC

On June 23rd NVTC will be hosting the 2016 Hot Ticket Awards. This event will take place at the private residence of NVTC’s President & CEO Bobbie Kilberg from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The Hot Ticket Awards recognize technology companies headquartered in the Greater Washington Region that exhibit great vision, the ability to implement and deliver, innovative management approach or star-quality charisma.

The categories for the 2016 NVTC Hot Ticket Awards are:

• Hottest Cybersecurity and Safety Innovation
• Hottest Big Data and Analytics Innovation
• Hottest Health IT and Wearables Innovation
• Hottest Consumer and Enterprise Innovation
• Hottest Company Culture
• Hottest Startup
• Hottest Exit

For the first time online voting will be incorporated in four new categories; Hottest Cybersecurity and Safety Innovation, Hottest Big Data and Analytics Innovation, Hottest Health IT and Wearables Innovations, and Hottest Consumer and Enterprise Innovation. Companies in these categories will submit a video of their innovation and the public will get to vote on it.

Advanced tickets for this event will be sold for $125/members and $150/general audience. There will also be tickets sold at the door for $135/members and $160/general audience.

To learn more about the event or to submit a nomination please click here.

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