ThreatConnect Inc. Raises Over $16M in Series B Funding, Lead by SAP NS2

Ron Police, SAP NS2

Ron Police, COO, SAP NS2

ThreatConnect Inc. announced Dec. 1 that the company has raised more than $16 million in Series B Funding. SAP National Security Services Inc., a subsidiary of enterprise software company SAP, led the round.

Grotech, the lead investor in ThreatConnect’s Series A, also participated in this round with other investors.

“From our very first days, the vision has been to build a platform that gives security operations a long overdue seat at the executive table,” ThreatConnect CEO Adam Vincent said. “We started by building something for analysts, designed by analysts while keeping in mind that management, the C-suite, and board also needed a solution. Now, thanks to investment and partnership with SAP NS2, we will be demonstrating to Fortune 2500 organizations and large government agencies the difference an enterprise approach to cyber security can make.”

“Security operations has become a mission critical element of the enterprise in national security and commercial organizations alike. ThreatConnect is the leader in the marketplace and provides a true threat intelligence platform to address the unmet needs of those organizations. It’s difficult to imagine a better solution and partner to showcase the speed, scalability and power of HANA,” SAP NS2 Chief Operating Officer Ron Police said. “It’s time for security operations to have the same access to enterprise software as do other aspects of the business, and we expect ThreatConnect’s threat intelligence platform to do just that.”

ThreatConnect recently announced TC Exchange and its software development kit, which gives users an open source workbench to freely share applications with each other, choose and modify applications, and accelerate solution development through plug and play activities.

The investment driven by SAP NS2 is also the precursor to the development of a joint version of the product built on SAP HANA to be added to ThreatConnect’s product portfolio in 2016.

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