WashingtonExec’s Navigating to Industry Seminar Speaker Lineup Includes Joe Cubba, Jeremy King and Dr. John Markey

Joe Cubba, IBM

Joe Cubba, Federal Sales and Growth Leader of Global Business Services, IBM

WashingtonExec, in collaboration with a number of senior executives led by Mark Chadason (MacAulay-Brown, Inc.), is proud to announce its distinguished speaker series for the pilot program Navigating to Industry Seminar, to be held this Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in Tysons Corner.

The Seminar will focus on how executives can transition effectively during the crucial first 45 days after obtaining an inaugural industry job. Both govcon employers and transitioning executives need a more effective and hands-on process in a non-threatening, collegial and off-the-record environment. Session speakers will cover topics such as effective business development techniques, pipeline maturation, proposal execution, profit and loss, financial statements and office politics.

The sessions are geared towards GS-14 executives or Lt. Col. and above, who plan to head to a Director and higher position in industry. Thursday’s seminar is the first of many WashingtonExec programs to help seasoned leaders learn more about the business of government contracting. WashingtonExec views its Navigating to Industry Seminar Series as a supplement to already well-established public sector retirement initiatives.

Session I speaker Mark Chadason, Senior Vice President at MacAulay-Brown, Inc. and former SIS-4 at CIA, will cover Transition Techniques and Paradigm Shift (What they don’t tell you at your retirement seminar). You can read more about Chadason and his opinion on the impact of the Internet of Things within the broader intelligence and defense communities in his recent guest column.

Session II speaker Jeremy King, President of Benchmark Executive Search, will give a presentation entitled An Executive Recruiter Perspective: The Dos and Don’ts of Interview Preparation and Building a Personal Brand in the Government Contracting Industry (online and offline). Read King’s 2013 WashingtonExec Guest Column about retaining strategic hires and veteran hiring trends in the GovCon space.

Session III speaker Dr. John Markey, Executive Vice President at GCC Technologies, will tackle the Business Acumen Fundamentals, including effective business development, pipeline techniques, profit and loss, and financial statement reviews. Markey is considered a subject-matter expert in global strategy, national stability programs, regional analysis and border security and management. He has held senior executive positions within organizations such as the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and ManTech International.

Session IV speaker Joe Cubba, Federal Sales and Growth Leader of Global Business Services for the U.S. Federal Team at IBM, will talk about a few frequent mistakes he sees public sector strategic hires make from pursuit and capture. Cubba’s talk, entitled The First 90 Days in Industry, is for executives seeking to hold Director and higher positions in private or public companies. Learn more about Cubba, including his boomerang back to IBM, and Air Force career through his interview with WashingtonExec.

At the end of the Navigating to Industry Seminar, participants will attend WashingtonExec’s GovCon Executive Happy Hour with members of the WashingtonExec community and begin to build their private sector relationships six months to a year prior to public service retirement. The pilot program falls in line with Sid Fuchs, CEO of MacAulay-Brown, Inc. and author of Get Off the Bench’s mantra, “When you need a relationship, it’s too late to build one. The network is powerful and is one of the most valued assets in life. Meet as many people as you can and invest in relationships. You will be amazed at the outcomes.”

There is still time to sign up for the event on EventBrite.com.


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