InQuisient Unveils New Data Management Platform at GEOINT 2015

Scott Dixon Smith, CEO of InQuisient

Scott Dixon Smith, CEO of InQuisient

InQuisient celebrated the launched its new data platform at the GEOINT 2015 Symposium. This new system will allow for more efficient data calls and drill down management at any level of process while continuing to ensure data confidence and accountability. By implementing a browser-based system users a chain of custody that is easily accessible. This web-based Data Call technology is quick and easy to establish and can insure data integrity in a way that other systems cannot.

“In an intelligence or defense situation, decisions constantly need to be made based on ‘today’s truth.’ It’s all about mission success. InQuisient supports that success: the platform helps users rapidly create the system they need to capture the specific data they’re searching for, and automatically gather the data into valuable collaborative reports without the need for a customized IT system. And all with a clear chain of custody and accountability,” said InQuisient CEO, Scott Dixon Smith. “Consistently, organizations see the value of this solution very quickly.”

InQuisient also unveiled two new data management tools to go along with the platform: InQuisient’s Project Portfolio Insight Tool and InQuisient’s Data Call Central Tool.  The Project Portfolio Insight Tool allows users to track, review and contribute to data management across multiple projects. Every data alteration is marked with a clear chain of custody and accountability all on a single system interface.

The Data Call Central Tool minimizes the work required for the data call process and eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and programs. The tool keeps track of all data collection and navigates users to the data that they need. According to the Press release, this tool can reduce an organizations data collection costs by over 50%.


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