Renegade Technology Systems’ RJ Narang on Rebranding, Cyber Opportunities and Keeping an Open Door

RJ Narang, Renegade Technology Systems

RJ Narang, Renegade Technology Systems

When he’s not busy leading his company, Renegade Technology Systems (formerly Net Commerce Corporation), you can find President and CEO RJ Narang spending time with his family, including a two-year-old son, pulling for Washington’s sports teams and helping to promote political candidates he believes in.

However, the past year has been especially busy for Narang on the work front, as his company rebranded itself to better reflect its mission to serve government clients. “As a young company, we’re trying to adapt to a changing environment, so the rebranding shows that we’re willing to move forward in a new direction in an ever-changing atmosphere,” Narang said.

“Our underlying message is we’re not your father’s IT company, and are looking at new and unique ways to help our customers accomplish their goals.”

From Net Commerce Corporation to Renegade Technology Systems, Narang always strives to build compelling solutions in the often constrained environment of the government.

“We focus on a subset of narrowly tailored solutions, such as cybersecurity, network engineering and desktop administration,” Narang explained. “I think by focusing on these areas we execute well, we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the rest of the market.”

Another way to stay ahead of the competition is to stay ahead of the curve of new technology trends.

“I’m particularly excited about cyber security and the way that’s heading,” Narang said. He expects to see new opportunities arising on the heels of a year filled with cyber security news stories, such as the hacks at major retailers like Target. “I think the government has its eyes on strengthening that part of its portfolio and will be looking for companies like ours that handle cyber security well.”

Even though cyber threats loom in the horizon, the state of the industry is looking up, according to Narang.

“I’m really excited about an improving market. As the economy continues to improve, more opportunities will be presented to small businesses such as ourselves, which have been a little handcuffed due to pricing constraints and recent budget cuts,” he said.

“I think there will be a shift back to more mission-oriented opportunities as opposed to being strictly based on price.”

A graduate of American University, Narang knows his education went a long way toward preparing him for the challenges of being a government contractor. However, he admits that nothing prepared him more than the hands-on experience he gained early in his career.

“The biggest things I’ve taken away are the importance of relationships and communications in a working environment,” he said. “Without those two factors, it’s very difficult to be successful. I think an open line with everyone ensures a sense of collaboration and ownership of the process amongst your team.”

Narang also extends his appreciation of relationship building and open communication to his leadership roles. “I think the most important thing is to try to become part of the team,” he said. “I do that by having an open-door policy where folks can feel comfortable in knowing that they can come to you with their concerns and suggestions for improving processes or operations without repercussions. I try to take away that extra layer of hierarchy so that they can come to me directly.”

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