WashingtonExec E-Magazine: The 2014 Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards Finalist Interview Series

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, AMERICAN SYSTEMS, 2014 Greater Washington GovCon Awards Finalist

WashingtonExec 2014 Greater Washington GovCon Awards Series

Known as “the Oscars of the Government Contracting Community,” the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Professional Services Council will reveal the 2014 Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards winners next Thursday, November 13th.

Over weeks and months leading to the sold-out ceremony WashingtonExec interviewed “Executive of the Year” and “Contractor of the Year” finalists about how they have grown their businesses in a contracting marketplace, what sets their organizations apart from the competition and how millennials are changing the overall workforce. We also went a little more personal with the “Executive of the Year” winners by learning about their first jobs, inflection points in their careers as well as what advice they give their children.

Some organizations, like IBM, Octo Consulting and Attain are previous winners…coming back to reclaim the title. Read the issue in it’s entirety here.

Check back with WashingtonExec  for our coverage of this year’s winners.


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