Rick Dansey’s Three Pieces of Advice to His Children: Solve Your Boss’ Boss’ Problem

Rick Dansey, CACI

Rick Dansey, Ignitis LLC

WashingtonExec’s Three Pieces of Advice Series:

“If you could give your kids only three pieces of advice, what would they be?”

Today’s advice is from Rick Dansey, now President of Ignitis LLC, a partnership focused on new business start-ups and supporting management growth goals.

  1. Don’t simply focus on just your own accomplishments and success. Success is ephemeral if you don’t nurture the relationships and friendships along the way. When you look back, it won’t be the project you remember that brings you the most satisfaction. It will be the person you are sitting next to reminiscing about that project and how you did it together.
  2. Solve your boss’ boss’ problem. Always being thinking and solving problems that help your management team. That will be the best way to help the entire organization scale and move forward. Demand the same from your subordinate team, so your organization can scale, too.
  3. Never be stuck in a situation or job that makes you unhappy. Always diversify your own career, so that you have options to move in different directions. A person stuck in a bad situation will perform poorly and worst case it could be unhealthy. This can be done through education, networking, extra-curricular activities or volunteering.


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