Mobile Device Use on the Rise, but Mobile Cyber Security is Not

Ashok Sankar

Ashok Sankar, Raytheon Cyber Products

Organizations and employees frequently sacrifice security precautions in order to use their mobile devices, according to survey issued Sept. 22 by Raytheon Company.

The report, “Security in the New Mobile Ecosystem,” which is based on a survey of 618 people as conducted by the Ponemon Institute, found that an average of one-third of employees solely use mobile devices for their work; however, 64 percent believe their company currently does not or does not expect to have enough funding to minimize current mobile device security threats.

“This survey points to the fact that there is a struggle to find the right balance between the cyber security needs of an organization and the efficiencies demanded by employees to do their jobs,” Ashok Sankar, senior director of product management and strategy at Raytheon Cyber Products, said in a statement. “Mobile devices are becoming a dominant workplace tool, and organizations must adopt a mobile strategy with data security technologies that enable employees to work effectively without putting sensitive information at risk.”

The top two methods being used today – Mobile Device Management (MDM) and secure containers – are not sufficient, according to survey respondents. Half of those surveyed indicated they were not satisfied with their organization’s current mobile security mechanisms, and 57 percent agreed the implementation of a virtualization-based solution, which keeps data off of the actual device, should be considered.

Ponemon Institute conducts research on privacy, data protection and information security policy.


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