Subsystem Technologies Wins General Services Administration Contract

Sam Malhotra, Subsystem Technologies, Inc.

Sam Malhotra, Subsystem Technologies, Inc.

The General Services Administration has awarded a contract to Subsystem Technologies, Inc. (SUBSYSTEMs), according to an announcement Monday from SUBSYSTEMs.

The One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business contract is a 10-year, $60 billion multiple-award task order agreement. SUBSYSTEMs received OASIS awards in two pools of the task order contract. The programs position government groups to acquire services including  financial, logistics, complex hybrid program management, management consulting, engineering and scientific professional.

“The GSA OASIS SB contract aligns perfectly with our core competencies,” said Sam Malhotra, the CEO at SUBSYSTEMs. “As contract awardees for Pool 3 and Pool 4, we can compete for Engineering and R&D business, both of which we currently provide to government customers including the U.S. Army and Federal Aviation Administration.”

The contract is the first the company has seen that adequately addresses the needs of growing small businesses, Malhotra wrote in the press statement.

“This contract is particularly valuable as it supports the growth of small businesses by providing ramping up to pools designed for the larger small businesses, as well as the ability to ramp to the unrestricted OASIS contract once a company is no longer a qualified small business,” he said. “This contract vehicle is relatively unique in that it addresses the needs of the mid-size companies that grow and then have to compete with the very large businesses in our industry.”

Malhotra also noted the OASIS SB award complements the company’s overall business strategy.

“SUBSYSTEMs grew revenues by 50 percent last year,” Malhotra said. “If we continue on our current trajectory, we will quickly be too large to compete in the small business space and the OASIS program will help us to get the larger size and then support us in transitioning.”

Subsystem Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Arlington, Va., is a federal government contractor supporting the Department of Defense and civilian communities. Its specialties include advanced engineering and analytics, management consulting, cybersecurity and other IT services.

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