TandemNSI Launches Venture Advisor Program to Promote National Security R&D

Jonathan Aberman, Founder & Managing Director, TandemNSI

Jonathan Aberman, Founder & Managing Director, TandemNSI

TandemNSI, the public/private-funded partnership between Arlington Economic Development and Amplifier Ventures, last month launched a Venture Advisor Program that connects entrepreneurs with business mentors aimed at assisting entrepreneurs in commercially developing national security agency funded research and development.

With national security-innovating small business and program managers becoming increasingly expected to demonstrate an ability to develop plans that fully demonstrate the success and commercial growth of their funded research before moving forward, the mentor program pairs federally-funded national security entrepreneurs with private industry veterans so as to facilitate national security innovation.

Venture advisors include John Casey, Minh Nguyen and Bob Smith, who according to a TandemNSI press statement released last month, can aid in getting their products and solutions “off the ground.”

Deemed a product visionary and experienced business leader by TandemNSI, Minh Nguyen is a Venture Advisor who said the partnership positions mentors and entrepreneurs in a position to change the very nature of national security research and development.

“The Venture Advisory Program provides enormous support for entrepreneurs that need help navigating the complexity involved in bringing a product to market,” Nguyen said. “We are in a unique position, particularly in this region, to change the way business is done, and I’m excited to be a part of this initiative. I believe I speak for the other advisors involved that this will not only be rewarding personally, but a real asset to to our entrepreneurial community.”

Nguyen is a 17 year technology industry veteran who brings experience in the ideation, concept, development and strategy of products.

Casey, Smith and Nguyen come from Amplifier Ventures’ network of relationships to fill the mentorship void.

Casey serves as a member of the research faculty at George Mason University and works as a program director for the school’s Enterprise Center. Smith brings with him 30 years of experience in creating, managing and funding digital and print media start-up businesses.

TandemNSI Founder Jonathan Aberman spoke to the new program’s strengths:

“This area’s technology resources are invaluable to fostering new industries that will in-turn provide growth and new opportunity,” Aberman said. “The program’s Venture Advisors and supporting mentors have the relationships, experience and expertise necessary to mentor up-and-coming businesses trying to commercialize government funded R&D. Since federally funded R&D drives most of our nation’s technology leadership, this is an important activity.”

The group encourages entrepreneurs with federal funding  to register for advisory support through the Amplifier Ventures program website.



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