AT&T’s Steve Hurst Named Vice-Chair of National Association of Counties’ Cyber Security Committee

Steve Hurst, AT&T

Steve Hurst, AT&T

AT&T Business Solutions (ABS), a division of AT&T Inc., has announced that Steve Hurst, AT&T director of Security Services and Technology, has been named by the National Association of Counties (NACo) as vice chair of NACo’s Cyber Security Committee.

“A few short years ago cyber security was seen as a somewhat peripheral issue, especially by people who weren’t directly involved in enterprise networking. However cyber security could hardly be more mainstream today,” Hurst said. “I’m looking very forward to the work my colleagues on the NACo Cyber Security Committee and I will be undertaking and the contributions we can make.”

Founded in 1935, NACo represents the nation’s 3,069 counties with a unified voice before the federal government.

Hurst, who holds Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and TruSecure International Computer Security Association (TICSA) accreditations, joined AT&T in 1999.

The importance of fostering public-private partnerships to promote cyber security awareness and education has been a focus for NACo under the leadership of Immediate Past President Chris Rodgers.

Rodgers identified cyber security as a major initiative in his term, the first of the ‘Big Seven’ state and local government organizations to highlight thel issue.

“I’m looking forward to working with Steve and the NACo Cyber Security Committee as we continue to advance this critical mission,” said Rodgers, commissioner of Douglas County, Neb.

He will also chair NACo’s Cyber Security Committee.

In addition to Hurst and Rodgers, the NACo Cyber Security Committee will be comprised of representatives from the private and public sectors including the Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Internet Security, as well as a variety of state and county legislators.

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