Veeral Majmudar’s Three Pieces of Advice to his Children: Think for yourself, Treat others as equals, Mistakes happen

Veeral Majmudar, Savan Group

Veeral Majmudar, Savan Group

WashingtonExec’s Three Pieces of Advice Series:

“If you could give your kids only three pieces of advice, what would they be?”

  • Think for yourself.  Following conventional wisdom can be an easy out.  Learn to question things.  Challenge your own preconceived notions and formulate your own opinions.  You will inspire others.
  • Always remember that all people are equal and treat them that way.  Never be overly impressed with anyone and never act dismissive toward others.  We all started our lives with nothing other than our name and we will all leave that way.  Everything that occurs between the two is temporary.
  • Understand mistakes happen.  We all have and will make mistakes in school, work, and in our personal lives.  Mistakes are okay so long as you learn from them and they are made with only the best intentions.  People will always forgive you if they know you meant well.  Never betray that trust.

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