GOVonomy Bridges Gap Between Startup and Public Sector, Nitin Pradhan Discusses New Company

Nitin Pradhan, Managing Partner, GOVonomy

Nitin Pradhan, Managing Partner, GOVonomy

Nitin Pradhan served as the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Departmental CIO during the first Obama Administration where he was responsible for the oversight of its $3b annual IT portfolio. After leaving DOT, Pradhan saw a need in the market for a company that could provide high quality, innovative, mission focused commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology products for implementation or integration into government environments.

“Typically, government buyers have large technology budgets but have little success attracting smart, innovative startups and growth companies to submit product proposals,” said Pradhan. “Startups and growth companies have little understanding of the government needs and low resources to create government specific marketing programs to sell products to the government.”

With this in mind, Pradhan enlisted the help of Ty Gabriel, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. The two set out to bridge the gap between Startups and the Public Sector. The result was GOVonomy.

GOVonomy, headquartered in Mill Valley, California and presence in Reston, Virginia, serves the annual $200 billion US public sector IT marketplace, which includes federal, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, K-12 institutions, universities and college systems, non-profits and international organizations based in USA.

“GOVonomy’s goal is to drive increased public value by regularly introducing cost-effective, cutting-edge, targeted technologies that specifically address the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector,” stated Pradhan. “GOVonomy connects public organizations with new technology products and productized services from growth companies and helps arrange strategic discussions, demonstrations and pilots for increased understanding, education, purchasing and integration.”

GOVonomy can help the public sector in three ways:

  • Regularly introduce a series of groundbreaking new technology products from US startups and growth companies to the government to integrate innovation in government.
  • Research, assess and present new technology product solutions for government based on its specific needs, challenges and opportunities.
  • Facilitate creating new technology products focused on government opportunities but with no government funding or buying commitment.

Startups and growth companies can proactively showcase their products and productized services on the site for the public sector. Government employees and contractors can become members for free to learn about new product technology solutions. GOVonomy regularly provides special offers, invitations to educational and networking events, as well as various other ways to interact and engage.

Learn more about GOVonomy here.


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