Deltek Announces Acquisition of Centurion Research Solutions, Strengthens GovWin IQ Database

Mike Corkery, Finalist in CFO Awards, Deltek

Mike Corkery, Finalist in CFO Awards, Deltek

Deltek, a provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors, has announced its acquisition of Centurion Research Solutions, a provider of information solutions and services that help companies efficiently and cost-effectively win more government business.

“Acquiring Centurion enhances our strategy to offer the industry’s best and most complete solutions for winning more government business,” said Mike Corkery, president and CEO of Deltek.  “We have developed an entire suite of solutions that span the business development lifecycle, helping companies find opportunities, assemble teams, develop world-class proposals, track sales activity, and ultimately win more business.  Centurion expands our strong business development solutions and vaults Deltek far ahead of our competition.  We welcome the Centurion team to Deltek and look forward to working together as we help our government contractor customers continue to grow and prosper.”

Centurion was founded in 2003 by federal government business experts with a simple mission – to provide services that help government contractors efficiently and cost-effectively win more contracts.   To achieve this mission, Centurion provides unique online subscription-based government business products, custom research and analysis, and in-depth training on improving business development processes.

By acquiring Centurion, Deltek enhances and extends its portfolio of GovWin solutions that uniquely manage the complete business development lifecycle – from government opportunity intelligence and teaming, to integrated proposal, contract lifecycle and capture management.

“Deltek and Centurion share a common passion for accelerating and improving the all-important business development efforts of government contractors,” said Gary Loyd, CEO of Centurion Research Solutions. “Together, we can build on our shared focus to deliver even more innovative solutions to companies looking to win more government business. We are excited to join Deltek – our robust opportunity database, unique OAN solution, and team of government contracting industry experts all perfectly complement what Deltek offers today, making us a very compelling combination in the marketplace.”

The addition of Centurion bolsters Deltek’s solutions by adding more federal opportunities to the $2 trillion in existing opportunities in Deltek’s GovWin IQ database.  Centurion’s database tracks billions of dollars in government contracts that are up for bid.  With Centurion’s information now part of GovWin IQ, the combined database of over $2 trillion in opportunities will now be even larger making GovWin IQ even more valuable to companies that want to find lucrative contracts and win more government business.

The acquisition also strengthens Deltek’s opportunity intelligence offering for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and other services-based companies.  Centurion’s database includes thousands of AEC-related opportunities with the Federal Government.  When added to the current opportunities that Deltek is already tracking, AEC firms will now have access to even more potential contracts – making Deltek’s GovWin IQ database a critical resource for AEC firms that want to win business with the Federal Government.

Offering Centurion’s Opportunity Assessment NOW (OAN) framework to help companies identify optimal opportunities to pursue.  Pursuing federal business can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, so it’s critical that companies apply their scarce resources to the right set of opportunities that they have the best chance of winning. OAN uses analytics to help prioritize which opportunities companies should bid on. By using OAN, companies will better target their business development resources, decrease their bid & proposal expenses, and increase their win rates.


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