Analyst One Event Focuses on Lessons Learned from Analysts Tackling Critical Problems Across All Sectors of Industry

Bob Gourley, Founder, CTO

Bob Gourley, Founder, CTO

Analyst One is a site that focuses on the analytical community. It serve analysts working hard problems with useful tips, lessons learned and use cases. It also provide assessments on the best sense-making methods and data analysis techniques to apply in the age of overwhelming data.

“When we began planning our Analyst One site we resolved to stay focused on analysts, the human piece of the big data revolution. We are sticking with that promise, even when we talk technology,” said Bob Gourley, Founder,

This summer, Analyst One will hold its first cross-sector gathering of analyst practitioners. The event will be focused on lessons learned from analysts tackling hard problems in government, academia, finance, healthcare and media. Please engage with us and help us shape the agenda and content for this event.

Analyst One reports are delivered via email to a cross-sector audience. To sign up for the Analyst One report, click here.



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