Joe Punaro Formerly of BluestoneLogic, Forms Veteran-Owned IT Firm IronArch Technology, LLC

Joe Punaro, President, IronArch Technologies LLC

Joe Punaro, President, IronArch Technologies LLC

Joe Punaro, founding partner of IT firm BluestoneLogic, has just announced the formation of a new company with his father Arnold Punaro called IronArch Technology, LLC, a service-disabled, veteran-owned provider of information technology solutions, cyber security, network and systems engineering, and business process management.

Having achieved success with BluestoneLogic, and crediting his employees with that success, Punaro noted that now is the time to climb the next mountain. “I’ve launched IronArch Technology, with my dad joining me at IronArch. It’s long been a personal goal of mine to partner with my dad, but the real reward is that IronArch gets a senior business leader with a terrific record of success.”

Punaro’s father, Arnold, is a retired Marine Corps General who served as Executive Vice President of SAIC. He was also the staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee, among other positions. He was listed on the inaugural Defense News list of the “100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense,” published December 2012.

Arnaldo Punaro, CEO, IronArch Technologies, LLC

Arnold Punaro, CEO, IronArch Technologies, LLC

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