IntelliDyne, LLC Promotes Tony Crescenzo to CEO

Tony Crescenzo, IntelliDyne, LLC

IntelliDyne, LLC today announced the promotion of Tony Crescenzo to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) after the IT consulting firm experienced significant internal growth with him at the helm as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Crescenzo joined IntelliDyne approximately two years ago where as COO he directed strategic planning, marketing, bid and proposal, new service development, alliance management and client operations.

IntelliDyne company founder and president Robert Grey said he promoted Crescenzo for his work in strategically expanding the company and acquiring new business and re-complete awards which expanded IntelliDyne’s  market reach within the US Department of Homeland Security, Defense,  Justice and other civilian agencies.

“While most IT contractors have spent the past year downsizing and have taken a limited view of the market, IntelliDyne has been engaged in strategically cultivating, investing, hiring and growing its lines of business to align with Gov CIOs mission and road map for success in the middle market,” Grey said. “I strongly believe that under Crescenzo’s leadership, IntelliDyne is poised for tremendous growth as the market shakes out and separates the long-term trusted advisors from the ad-hoc opportunists.”

The company utilizes innovative technology solutions to manage public sector programs and solutions in Cyber Security, Data Center Consolidation, Enterprise, Application Development and Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing among other tasks.

“It’s an exciting time to make a difference in the business of government with innovation powered by accountability,” Crescenzo said. “I am thrilled to see that the fruit of our collective management team’s labor of building a culture of accountability, hard work and growth, is clearly paying off.”

Crescenzo’s career in the private sector spans 25 years, including serving as Partner for the consulting firm Achievance – a post he held before joining IntelliDyne approximately 24 months ago. Crescenzo also held positions as CEO of Illumitek, Inc, CEO and founder of Analysis Frameworks, and the CEO of Inline Software.

For Crescenzo’s thoughts on the across the board budget cuts known as the sequester, check out our article here.


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