IntelliDyne’s Tony Crescenzo on Sequestration

Tony Crescenzo, IntelliDyne

Over the last few months federal spending cuts, budget restraints and federal contracting’s favorite word, “sequestration,” have been on everyone’s mind. This month a new word was invented to describe the current budget climate: “snowquester.”

WashingtonExec reached out to area executives in the federal contracting space to share their insights regarding how this uncertain budgetary climate is impacting their customers, business, as well as future initiatives.

Tony Crescenzo, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IntelliDyne gave us his take on the situation:

“Sequestration impacted our overall ability, as trusted advisors to our government clients, to plan for the long-term. When decisions are tied to budgets and performance objectives that are measured in years and involved people, business processes, and technology infrastructure- indecision creates doubt and doubt inspires fear. Recognizing this reality, we proactively engaged all of our government clients early-on in contingency planning to ensure their operations experience minimal impact, if any. We are proud to say that because of this strategic advisory approach, sequestration is frustrating but our smart clients that planned ahead know what to expect when they’re not expecting,” said Crescenzo.



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