SRA International to Develop Identification Technologies for US Air Force

George Batsakis, SRA International

SRA International has recently won a five year contract to develop automatic identification technologies for the U.S. Air Force. The contract, valued at $29 million, calls for SRA to develop the identification technology and maintenance operation control visualizer specifically for the Air Force Logistic Centers and the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Georgia. 

“SRA has extensive experience developing and deploying innovative solutions for the Air Force,” said Defense Senior Group Vice President George Batsakis. “For many years, we’ve supported the Defense Department’s mission, leveraging our deep AIT domain expertise.”

Batsakis went on to say the company was pleased to have another opportunity to help our military men and women by giving them better visibility of aircraft and other asset locations.

SRA’s work will include developing and integrating automatic data caption solutions and capabilities that would improve aircraft availability.


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