The SI Organization Acquires Applied Communication Sciences

Bill Graham, President and CEO, The SI Organization

The SI Organization, Inc. (the SI) today announced it has acquired applied research and technology solutions firm Applied Communication Sciences (ACS). ACS develops technologies that enable government agencies, telecom carriers, power utilities and commercial enterprises to fully exploit and secure the future of information and communications technologies.

ACS’s key capability areas include cyber security and information assurance, network and operations, data analytics, advanced software and methodologies, wireless and mobility, application engineering and integration, smart grid, and optical networking and quantum technologies.

“With ACS, we are acquiring a technology company with a focus on cyber security, network communications and other leading-edge technologies key to critical infrastructure protection and optimization,” said Bill Graham, president and CEO of the SI. “In light of the unique nature of much of ACS’s work, acquisition by a U.S. owner will strengthen relationships with many U.S. government clients.”

Established in January 2012, ACS was formerly the research and engineering arm of Telcordia Technologies, with its origins tracing back to Bell Laboratories.

“Both our clients and our employees significantly benefit from this acquisition,” said Brent Greene, chief executive officer, ACS.  “In the SI, it is clear we have found a strong fit for our unique culture of innovation.”


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