MacB and IBM Partner to Introduce new Multi-Level Security Approach at Joint Warfighting Conference

Sid Fuchs, CEO, MacAulay Brown, Inc. (MacB)

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB) announced recently that it has partnered with IBM to introduce an innovative new approach to Multi-level Security (MLS) at the Joint Warfighting Conference (JWC). The event will be held this week at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Va. The new MLS Single Security Architecture provides a deeper layer of network trust across multiple security domains, increasing secure collaboration throughout the military and its coalition partners.

By utilizing IBM’s zEnterprise System, users will now have the ability to run multiple applications that contain confidential data on a single mainframe with security and privacy features to help protect data.

“In almost every area, the military has transformed its warfighting capability to support the increased demand for information sharing and collaboration,” said Mark Sinclair, vice president of MacB’s Warfighter Support Division, Mission Systems Group (MSG). “One of the exceptions is in the area of Multi-level security, which continues to rely on a multi-layered architecture. The single-layer solution that we are working on with IBM ensures that access to time sensitive information is granted or restricted based on appropriate security clearance and need to know.”

MacB also announced today that it has published a White Paper that addresses the benefits, issues and technology solutions associated with a well developed and deployed MLS solution. The paper, entitled “Joint Warfighting Capability: A Fresh Look at Multi-level Security (MLS),” was authored by industry veterans David “Doc” Robinson, Systems Engineering and Operations Manager at MacB, Christopher “Jake” Jacobson, PhD, Chief Technologist, IBM Systems and Technology Group, U.S. Federal and Edward “Victor” Ballanco, President of EMB Information Technology Inc.

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