SAVE THE DATES: Mobilegov to Host Three Summer IT and Mobile Summits

Tom Suder, President, Mobilegov

Tom Suder, President of Mobilegov, is hosting three events this summer, including the Federal Cloud Computing Summit, the Federal IT and Network Services Summit, and the Federal Mobile Computing Summit. All three events will be taking place at the Ronald Regan Building in Washington, D.C. with the Cloud Computing Summit being held May 30th, the IT and Network Services Summit taking place June 20th, and the Mobile Computing Summit being held July 9th.

The Federal Cloud Computing Summit will examine how agencies have implemented Cloud solutions within their organizations. It will also look at the Cloud broker model and examine the future of Cloud within the government.

The Federal Mobile Computing Summit will look at the convergence of Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and other technologies within the government. It will also examine innovative procurement techniques and the challenges of incorporating new technology into the enterprise.

The Mobile Computing Summit will examine the post-Digital Government Strategy landscape, and look at how agencies have actually implemented mobility within their organizations. It will also examine the next generation of mobile technology and what lies ahead in Mobile Government.

The host organization for all three events is the Advanced Mobility Academic Research Center (AMARC).

For information on the Cloud Summit, click here.

For IT and Network Services Summit, click here.

For Mobile Computing Summit information, click here.


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