What’s Trending? WashingtonExec’s Latest E-Magazine

Jim Sheaffer and Greg Baroni (Attain)

The latest issue of WashingtonExec is stock full of interviews with key leaders and CEOs in the industry, from Kidney Ball chairperson Debbie Ikirt to Kelly McLaughlan and more. We continue our series for the Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards (GovCon), which will feature interviews all through the month of October. This issue shares our interview with Satya Akula on being nominated for Contractor of the Year. There are also some more lighthearted pieces in our “Three Pieces of Advice to Your Children” series.

And as always, we give you our take on the business news you need to know, along with executive changes and appointments, mergers and acquisitions, and all the upcoming events (and there are several!). Be sure to have your calendar out as you take a look at our issue here.





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